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Astrological Overview: February 19 - 25, 2024

Astrologer Pam Younghans writes this weekly astrological journal based on planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights to assist you in making the best use of current energies. This column is not intended as prediction. Your own experience will be more specifically defined by transits to your personal chart.

Aspects of Note this Week:

All times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. For Eastern Time, add 3 hours; For Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), add 8 hours.

Monday: Chiron conjunct North Node, Mercury sextile Eris
Tuesday: No major aspects are exact today
Wednesday: Venus conjunct Mars
Thursday: Mercury enters Pisces
Friday: No major aspects are exact today
Saturday: Mercury semisquare Chiron, Full Moon 4:30 a.m. PST, Venus square Jupiter, Saturn semisquare Eris
Sunday: Venus semisquare Neptune


FULL MOON: The current lunar cycle reaches its peak this week when the Moon is exactly opposite the Sun in the sky, at 4:30 a.m. PST (1230 UT) on Saturday, February 24. At that time, Luna will be positioned at 05°23´ Virgo, opposing the Sun at the same degree of Pisces.

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A Full Moon always requires that we find a way to balance the qualities of two very different signs, that we moderate between two polarities of expression. In this lunation, the Sun in transcendent Pisces promotes a more creatively imaginative, "go with the flow" approach to life, and assures us that spiritual surrender is key to navigating this reality. At the same time, the Moon in analytical Virgo compels us to focus on practical matters, reminding us that paying attention to details can be essential. To successfully navigate the energies of this Full Moon, we must not only observe the forest from above, we must also walk through that same forest and focus on the individual trees along the trail.

Mercury and Saturn are both in close proximity to the Pisces Sun at the time of the lunation, and thus are opposite the Moon. With Messenger Mercury involved in this polarity, there may be verbal conflicts and irrational arguments. The challenge here is to use both the head and the heart in our communications, and to understand that two people, even if they are observing the same scene at the same time, will describe it in different ways.

The planet Saturn is known as the Teacher and Lesson Bringer, often requiring that we take responsibility or approach a situation with greater maturity. While Saturn is in idealistic Pisces (March 2023 through May 2025), humanity is being tested in our ability to "walk our spiritual talk," to bring our higher-level perspective into practice on the physical plane. We are also learning the importance of boundaries and of paying attention to reality, when we might prefer to avoid certain interactions and situations. 

This Full Moon could thus be a time when we see more clearly something that isn't working, that we may have tried to ignore, but that must be attended to. Part of the challenge will be not to fall into a negative space, since it could be tempting see the glass as half empty and to feel disillusioned about how much work needs to be done. Likewise, we must watch a tendency to be self-critical, to be judgmental, or to feel in some way morally superior to others. 

Thankfully, this Full Moon is also in harmonious aspect to benevolent Jupiter. As we strive to find our balance and learn the lessons of the lunation, the Giant Planet is standing by, ready to assist us with a more optimistic outlook and a renewed faith and hope. Jupiter in Taurus helps us see signs and symbols in nature, encourages us to believe that even mundane life experiences have a higher meaning, and supports our ability to embody the peace that we want to see in the world.

VENUS-MARS CONJUNCTION: Venus and Mars align this week, an event that occurs every two years when the two planets rendezvous at the same degree of the same sign. This is an interesting alignment, bringing together energies that we usually think of as being opposites.

Venus, the goddess of Love and Beauty, represents the attributes we call "feminine": sensitivity, receptivity, intuition, creativity, and cooperation. Mars, the god of Action and Desire, symbolizes the qualities we call "masculine": assertiveness, courage, confidence, extroversion, and independence.

As these two planets conjoin in Aquarius on Wednesday, to begin their new two-year "synodic cycle," we have the opportunity to draw on both feminine and masculine qualities in equal measure. We might utilize this influence to begin a new creative endeavor, embark on a new relationship (or a new form of relationship), or in some other way invest our heart energies in something that excites us. 

With the alignment occurring in progressive Aquarius, these new activities may be experimental or demonstrate a break from tradition. Whatever we become involved in, it will be important for us to be authentic and to maintain our individuality.

THIS WEEK'S ASPECTS: Here are my brief interpretations of this week's most important planetary aspects: 
Chiron conjunct North Node: We feel more in tune with the higher spiritual purposes of life. Some may hear a calling to be a healer in some respect.
Mercury sextile Eris: This aspect urges us to think independently and to express ourselves with greater courage and forthrightness.
No major aspects are exact today.
Venus conjunct Mars: A new passion and enthusiasm are possible, as our hearts open to new experiences and encounters.
Mercury enters Pisces: Mercury will move quickly through the sign of The Fishes, taking only seventeen days to make the journey. During this time (February 22 to March 10), minds are more idealistic and thinking is strongly influenced by the imagination. Intuitive abilities are more accessible and it may be easier to slip into a meditative state. This transit also supports creative writing and any intellectual endeavor that uses an ability to visualize.
No major aspects are exact today.
Mercury semisquare Chiron: Communications may not go as smoothly as hoped today, especially if someone is feeling that they are not truly being heard.
Full Moon: The Virgo Full Moon is exact at 4:30 a.m. PST.
Venus square Jupiter: This influence often corresponds with over-indulgence or a lack of restraint, either in relationships or in financial matters. 
Saturn semisquare Eris: If we have been overly assertive or acted without concern for how we are impacting others, this aspect provides a reality check that can be very humbling. The challenge will be not to fall into self-criticism or blame, but to pick ourselves off, dust ourselves off, and start again.
Venus semisquare Neptune: We are more sensitive than usual today, and might lack good boundaries. Romantic fantasies can lead to disillusionment and spontaneous purchases can end in buyer's remorse, if we do not also maintain a realistic perspective.



Communications and the use of your intellect are highlighted this year. Projects such as writing a book or planning a class require focus and discipline, but should bear fruit based on your capacity to apply yourself. Progress is slow but steady. A stumbling block in the form of insecurities or a lack of belief in yourself may arise. These will require that you prioritize your personal needs and that you incorporate more self-love and better self-care techniques into your daily schedule. Be aware of those times, places, and relationships where you tend to play a martyr or rescuer role at the expense of your own well-being. (Solar Return Sun conjunct Mercury, conjunct Saturn, semisquare Chiron)


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